Old Sewickley Post Office

Proof that Sewickley always went first class is the old Sewickley Post Office Building located near the Sewickley Bridge at 200 Broad Street. This Beaux Arts building, designed under the supervision of James Knox Taylor, was the pride of the Valley when it opened for business in 1912.

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Sewickley Town Hall

One strong square shaft pointed upward and graced with a decorated bell tower is the principal feature of Sewickley's seat of local government. After a year in construction, it was in March of 1910 that elegant invitations were sent out to attend the opening of the borough's new Municipal Building.

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Sewickley Flatiron Building

In Sewickley Village, one spot stands out like Times Square in The Big Apple. Why somebody hasn't tried to put a neon zipper message around the Flatiron Building is a mystery.

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Sewickley Fame Sculpture

Sewickley's oldest monument is in a way its newest landmark. Until the dawn of this century, the town's tribute to those who died in the Civil War was visible only to those who drove up the steep hill to the Sewickley Cemetery. In a prominent place, high aloft and looking eastward, stands the statue of Fame.

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Sewickley Town Clock

Sewickley's most visible landmark is the town clock in the steeple of the United Methodist Church. Located in the geographic center of Sewickley Borough, it has been marking time since 1884.

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