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Bell Acres Borough

Bell Acres Borough was incorporated in 1960. It occupies 5.2 square miles and had a population of 1,505 in 2020. It borders Economy and Franklin Park in Beaver County, Sewickley Hills, Sewickley Heights, Edgeworth and Leet Township.

The borough was originally part of Sewickley Township, which was established in 1854 from part of Ohio Township. Sewickley Township included today’s Bell Acres, Leet Township, Leetsdale, Edgeworth and portions of Sewickley Heights and Sewickley Hills. After the secession of the neighboring municipalities, Sewickley Township eventually transitioned into the Borough of Bell Acres, named for John A. Bell Jr.’s Jonabell Farm. Bell, an Edgeworth resident, had purchased the former Tener farm on Camp Meeting Road in Sewickley Township about 1935, where he established a dairy farm with a prize- winning Holstein herd as well as a stable of brood mares for the Thoroughbred industry. The dairy remained in operation until 1952.

Pictures: Jonabell Farm

Pictures: Lithograph of farm on Glen Mitchell

Big Sewickley Creek, Fresh Air Home

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