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Glenfield Borough

Glenfield Borough, incorporated in 1883, had a population of 212 in 2020; it occupies one square mile and borders Kilbuck, Aleppo, Haysville and the Ohio River. It is the easternmost municipality in the Sewickley Valley.

Originally incorporated in 1875 from the southeastern part of Aleppo Township under the name of Camden, the name was changed to Glenfield in 1876. In the 1850s, it was the site of the Kilbuck railroad station. The town of Glenfield was destroyed when the approaches to the I-79 bridge over the Ohio River were constructed in the early 1970s.

Glenfield: Past, Present and Future, by the Residents of Glenfield and Pittsburgh History & Landmarks

Foundation, prepared under grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and The Hillman

Foundation, 1975. (available for reference in the SVHS Collection)

Pictures: St. Mary’s Church

Scenes of Glenfield, PA

The Ohio Valley Chapter of the American War Mothers Presents for Your Book of Memories, Scenes of Glenfield, Pa., Taken Oct. 3, 1953 l. World War II Honor Roll 2. Graham's Store, Kilbuck, St. 3. West Beaver St. 4. Ebert's Garage, looking east on West Beaver St. 5. Service Station, Beaver St. 6. Glenfield Inn, Barber Shop, Post Office, Beaver St. 7. & 8. Kramer's Grocery Store 9. W. L. Kramer in white apron 10 Corner of Beaver & Kilbuck St. Photographs by Lois M. Weissflog

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