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Sewickley Hills Borough

Sewickley Hills Borough., a part of Sewickley Heights Township until its incorporation in 1958, borders Bell Acres, Franklin Park, Ohio Township, Aleppo and Sewickley Heights.

Primarily a residential community, it occupies 1.5 square miles and, in 2020, had a population of 689. Much of its area was once part of the 125-acre Grubbs Farm. Allegheny Land Trust’s Audubon Greenway connects Sewickley Hills and Sewickley Heights Borough Parks.

Picture: Grubbs Farm

"A Lady of Quality"

Gentlewomen at the turn of the century rode sidesaddle, but they well knew how to control a horse. Here Mrs. Frederick Russell, of Edgeworth, is seen in front of her house on Newbury Lane. By R. W. Johnson; courtesy of Mrs. S. D. Ritchey

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